Oil Pump Block-off Kit

Fits: Yamaha 650, 701X/T, 760, Kawasaki 650, 750.

Block off kits are ONLY for carbureted applications. It is not possible to pre-mix a fuel injected ski, as the injectors will clog.

The following is a general guide covering most PWC models. For model specific instructions, please see our Installation/Removal Guides:

  • First, remove the oil pump. With the pump removed, you have to cover the hole where the oil pump was; you do this with a block off plate.
  • Install the plate with the gasket, o-ring or silicone to seal it (whichever was OE).
  • Next, block off the oil feed lines (these are the lines that run from the oil pump to the intake manifold/carbs/flame arrestor). There are a couple ways to do this. First you could leave the lines attached to the manifold, cut the lines and put screws in the end with a cable tie. Second you could use the little block off caps that may come with the plate.
  • Remember you just got rid of your oil pump and put oil in the fuel, but you do not have premix fuel in the fuel lines. It
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